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Why Does Car Paint Chip so Easily

Despite taking care of the paint so well, some people still complain about their car paint chips. The process of taking care of paint is beyond the regular polish and repaint process. It covers your paint components, quality, cleaning process, cleaning products, and repairing process. Let’s look deeper into each of them.

Temperature fluctuations

When the paint is exposed to extremely high temperatures or to very low temperatures, contractions take place. This leads to cracking and chipping of paint. As a remedy, always ensure you park your car under favorable weather conditions.

If it is sunny and very hot, go for a shade and during winter, do not leave your car exposed to the snow for long hours.

Bird droppings


You are usually advised to park under a tree if it is sunny, and you do not have a cover. However, always look out for bird droppings before leaving and wipe the droppings immediately.

Uric acid present in bird waste is acidic and can easily corrode paint, leading to discoloration. Discolored paint means it is weak and lifted off the surface. This further leads to the chipping of paint.

Corrosive cleaners

Always settle for cleaners that have a neutral pH. If they are too acidic, they will corrode the paint and if they are too basic, they might not remove the stains efficiently.

Under extreme circumstances, always seek professional help on the choice of cleaning products for your car surface. To avoid the hustle of finding the best cleaning products, opt for a microfiber wash mill. Once in a while, take your car for professional cleaning to avoid the chipping of paint.

Poor paint care habits

Have you found yourself painting a chipped part with similar spray paint, or just putting a patch to cover the dent? This is one of the poor paint care habits that degrade the value of paint.

When having paint maintenance, always consult a car paint expert and go for someone with experience in the paint application process. Cheap paint has uneven concentrations and is not as durable as high-quality paint. Visit store for good quality products.

Poor cleaning objects

When cleaning a car surface, go for objects that are smooth and do not scratch the painted surface. When cleaning tires, be careful not to scratch the painted surfaces, as it could lead to the chipping of paint.

Some cleaning objects will not chip the paint immediately but frequent cleaning with the same object leads to slow chips that eventually become noticeable.

Using detergents such as shaving cream leads to the chipping of paint hence it should be avoided.

In conclusion, paint needs to be well taken care of for it to last a long while. Going for good-quality ceramic coatings helps to keep the paint intact. Good paint increases the value of your car and leads to you scooping a good share from your buyer if you resale.