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Tips for Improving Your Instagram Growth Strategy

Instagram was initially designed and built as a traditional social media application with a primary purpose of engaging and interacting with followers and fellow accounts online. The central concept behind Instagram revolved around the use of pictures, videos, and other related media forms to interact with each other over the internet. Now, however, the dynamics have altered quite a bit. With advances in technology and significant disruptions being caused in the overall market, Instagram itself has evolved into a very effective advertising and marketing tool that enables online promotion and sales in the process. The main goal behind using Instagram as an advertising and marketing tool is to generate sales, and that can be possible only when the account can grow organically. Various techniques allow people to grow viewers using Instagram, which ultimately helps in increasing brand awareness, brand retention, and online sales.

Tips for Improving Your Instagram Growth Strategy

Here are some essential tips and tricks that can help in drafting your ultimate growth strategy for Instagram.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags might just be one of the oldest and most conventional features on Instagram that are actually very effective in ensuring that you get maximum followers. Having said that, it is essential to be very smart with the use of hashtags. Hashtags can only be beneficial if they are used in accordance with the brand’s personal audience. Using hashtags that are irrelevant to your brand will only cause more problems. Relevant hashtags, on the contrary, can effectively connect the appropriate audience with the brand. This is because many personal and business accounts are already searching for these hashtags, and if they match your hashtags, they are chances that the right people will start to land on your page and become a permanent follower.

Experimenting with Video Content

Video content is always very catchy, whether it’s posted on Instagram or any other social media platform. Video content has a relatively high level of retention and also enables viewers to get engaged more frequently. Hence, it is always good to keep on experimenting with videos until you find the right balance. Video scheduling is one technique often used on Instagram and Facebook that enables you to post videos and related content in advance so that you don’t have to worry about the exact timings as to when a certain video will be posted. Promoting the video and advertising it effectively can also increase the chances of landing more followers and ultimately help your account grow organically and fairly quickly as well.

Host Giveaways

Incentivizing the audience is another very successful way to increase engagement. Many personal and business accounts use the Instagram Live feature to host giveaway sessions for their audience. These sessions usually involve some sort of question and answer, and also an appropriate opportunity to get to know the audience better. In case someone gets the right answer or tags their friends in posts according to the giveaway rules, the winners are announced and are gifted free products in the process.