Why Outsource Medical Billing?

The field of health care is quite complex in the digital environment. Especially with the many changes in health care regulations. It has become extremely difficult for practicing physicians to stay compliant. Some studies show that a large percentage of physicians surveyed prefer the least-cost option to combat potential modern problems with innovative medical billing solutions.… Read more “Why Outsource Medical Billing?”

Why Should You Go for a Freight Forwarder that Provides IOR and EOR Services?

Imagine being the importer of record and the exporter of record in both the country of origin and the country of destination of the goods. It is hectic as one would have to know all the legal networks and requirements in all the countries they import and export from. This is why it is important to have both an importer of record and an Exporter of Record Services with IOR Africa. A well-established freight forwarder will navigate with ease in both countries of destination. It is more advantageous and cheaper to deal with one company that offers both services compared to one company to act as IOR and another to act as EOR.… Read more “Why Should You Go for a Freight Forwarder that Provides IOR and EOR Services?”