Blog vs. Vlog: Where should you create content in 2021

After the global pandemic of COVID-19, there is a rise in appreciation and viewership for content creators on social platforms. We saw many new talents emerge, creating great content for their audience and trying to earn a living out of it. Both were starting a blog, or a vlog, both need a lot of hard work, consistency, and creativity. When you are a creator, it is hard to choose between which audience to choose between or take everything together. After all, stepping in the social media requires much courage, where you might face setbacks, much criticism that comes with the appreciation.  YouTube is a vast platform to post your vlog content. All you need to do is creating content and gather YouTube followers.… Read more “Blog vs. Vlog: Where should you create content in 2021”

Tips for Improving Your Instagram Growth Strategy

Instagram was initially designed and built as a traditional social media application with a primary purpose of engaging and interacting with followers and fellow accounts online. The central concept behind Instagram revolved around the use of pictures, videos, and other related media forms to interact with each other over the internet. Now, however, the dynamics have altered quite a bit. With advances in technology and significant disruptions being caused in the overall market, Instagram itself has evolved into a very effective advertising and marketing tool that enables online promotion and sales in the process. The main goal behind using Instagram as an advertising and marketing tool is to generate sales, and that can be possible only when the account can grow organically. Various techniques allow people to grow viewers using Instagram, which ultimately helps in increasing brand awareness, brand retention, and online sales. Tips for Improving Your Instagram Growth Strategy Here are some essential tips and tricks that can help in drafting your ultimate growth strategy for Instagram. Use Hashtags Hashtags might just be one of the oldest and… Read more “Tips for Improving Your Instagram Growth Strategy”