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How Can A Digital Marketing Audit Benefit Your Business?

It’s important to remember that every organization has unique challenges when it comes to its online presence. But regardless of size or industry, businesses must always strive to create content people actually value. We recently conducted a survey among our clients about this very topic. The results were surprising: while some may believe quality content drives engagement, many respondents agreed that creating too much was hurting conversions.

As such, we recommend conducting a thorough digital marketing audit early in the process because it provides valuable insight that could save time down the road. Before diving deeper, let us explain exactly what a digital marketing audit entails.

What is a digital marketing audit?

Digital marketing audits help companies identify their weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome them. By taking time now to assess what needs fixing, these initiatives can be implemented sooner than later, saving money on wasted expenses.

The keyword here is “assess.” A good assessment takes into account not only where your strengths lie but also areas that need improvement. It doesn’t mean throwing out everything you’ve done up until this point; rather, it means making sure those assets reflect what you want to achieve going forward.

You might think you know exactly what direction your company should head in: after all, you have a clear vision for your organization. But one thing we learned from our own experience as entrepreneurs, it’s that every new venture has its challenges and limitations. And sometimes, when faced with unexpected obstacles, it’s best to ask yourself: Is my plan really working? Are there other paths I could be pursuing instead?

A digital marketing audit helps answer questions such as these by giving an objective view of your online presence. For example, perhaps you aren’t getting enough leads through email campaigns because your call-to-action buttons don’t appear above the fold.

Why an audit is necessary?

A marketing audit should be performed before you make any major decisions about where you want to go next. A good one can save you from making costly mistakes that may have been lurking under the surface for months or years. It also gives you valuable insights into what needs improvement — both on the front end and behind it.

The purpose of an audit is to uncover problems and opportunities to improve performance, as well as identify threats based on industry best practices and emerging trends. The results help companies decide whether they need to change course altogether or just tweak their existing strategies.

A good digital marketing audit does more than just uncover problems; it also helps companies identify opportunities for growth. It allows you to see where there might be room for improvement, as well as areas where you already excel. This type of evaluation gives you insights on ways to improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce costs, etc., and ultimately build stronger brands.

A good digital marketing audit can help you:

– Identify and correct problems that have been holding back growth;

– Figure out where to invest more time and money to get better results;

– Make sure your company has what it takes to compete effectively.

So if you want to keep growing your business, you need to know where you’re slipping up.

An initial digital marketing audit can be one of two types. The first type involves a comprehensive review performed by a professional consultant who specializes in this area. Such audits often include a detailed analysis of search engine results, social media sites, email campaigns, websites, mobile apps, and other important areas where your company spends time and money on advertising. Audits also may involve a deep dive into analytics data that shows which parts of your site rank well for certain keywords and phrases.

The second type of audit is much more limited than the former but still provides valuable insights about what needs improving. This type of audit focuses just on key aspects of your online presence such as web pages, backlinks, content creation, links from social networks,., and gives an objective assessment of each element in question. It does not delve deeply enough to assess SEO rankings or create any kind of action plan. But it does provide a good starting point if you want to improve some aspect of your website without hiring someone else to perform it for you.