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Blog vs. Vlog: Where should you create content in 2021

After the global pandemic of COVID-19, there is a rise in appreciation and viewership for content creators on social platforms. We saw many new talents emerge, creating great content for their audience and trying to earn a living out of it. Both were starting a blog, or a vlog, both need a lot of hard work, consistency, and creativity. When you are a creator, it is hard to choose between which audience to choose between or take everything together. After all, stepping in the social media requires much courage, where you might face setbacks, much criticism that comes with the appreciation.  YouTube is a vast platform to post your vlog content. All you need to do is creating content and gather YouTube followers.

Starting a blog

First, we need to understand what a blog is. It is regularly writing and updating on a website or a webpage in an informal way to record your opinions, experiences, and thoughts. It simply requires good writing skills to produce excellent content online. You have to be creative, engaging, and consistent when uploading your content. You can even start making passive income online while improving your writing skills. Many people do it to gather high-quality traffic. Still, for that, you need to apply extensive SEO keyword research in your content to find what people are searching for and then include it in the vocabulary of your scope repeatedly. As Google is watching everything you put on your platform, so based on SEO, your content comes up in the most clicked searches, increasing quality traffic, and then you can start monetizing your content.

Starting with a Vlog

A vlog is a way to post your content in video format on a platform or a website. It can be informative or creative content where you might just vocalizing and picturing your thoughts, experiences, or opinions. People may find it engaging. Sometimes, they might connect to your experience, and then they can start following your content. YouTube is a vast platform that gives this opportunity for content creators and viewers to gather together. To increase your YouTube followers, you need to gel in your SEO skills by including your vocabulary, video content, video descriptions, and video tags. YouTube is listening and watching everything you put on your platform. You can monetize your vlog content too by ads, connecting to brand promotion or even YouTube pays you if you have 1000 YouTube followers and 400 hours of watch time.

You can choose either of them, be it a blog or a vlog, according to your skills, analyzing your target audience and what is benefitting you or your business. You can even opt for both of them, work. If you are already working with a blog, consider creating a YouTube channel to increase and connect to a larger audience. Likewise, if you are a blogger, you can also launch your blog to diversify your income resources and create a new audience.